The Lone League Cup in Idaho

Infinite Heroes Games – League Cup (December 31 2017)

If you know me, I generally do not know what deck I will play in the upcoming tournament until right before.  It is rare for me to have decided the night before.  Generally, I decide on the day of the tournament.  Last year at Utah states, I flipped a coin five mins before the player meeting – I had two decks ready and lists filled out but didn’t decide until right before.

Today I felt my two thoughts were either M Rayquaza or M Altaria.  Once setup, no stadium can affect my gameplay with M Altaria but a key N/Parallel City to three can devastate my M Rayquaza deck so I decided that M Altaria is the play of the day…and I am right?

I will provide my decklist I used.  It is based on a recent article by  Christopher Schemanske on SixPrizes.  After testing it for a day, I decided on a few changes.

Pokemon – (13)

  • 3x Altaria EX
  • 3x M Altaria EX
  • 2x Trubbish
  • 2x Garbodor
  • 2x Shaymin EX
  • 1x Hoopa EX

Supporters – (8)

  • 3x Professor Sycamore
  • 3x N
  • 1x Lysandre
  • 1x Olympia


Items – (27)

  • 4x Ultra Ball
  • 4x VS Seeker
  • 4x Trainers’ Mail
  • 4x Altaria Spirit Link
  • 3x Mega Turbo
  • 3x Float Stone
  • 3x Fairy Drop
  • 1x Special Charge
  • 1x Super Rod


Stadiums – (2)

  • 2x Parallel City


Energy – (10)

  • 6x Fairy
  • 4x Double Colorless


Round 1 – Jessica (Yveltal/Garb)

I was paired against my wife and we tested this matchup at home in preparation for this tournament.  I got a good start and had two M Altaria built by turn two.  Jessica built a bigger Yveltal EX on the bench while hitting all four Max Elixir by turn three.  On my turn three, I Lysandre’ed the huge Yveltal EX up and hit it for 130, thinking this basically sealed the game.  She returned OHKO’ed my first M Altaria EX as expected but what she did was unexpected and won the game for her the next turn.  She played Pokemon Center Lady to reduce the damage to 70.  70 plus 130 is only 200 and is 10 damage short from the KO.  Since she is not going for her invite this season and I still have a small chance to obtain mine, she scooped to me.

Win: 3 Points! (1-0-0)


Round 2 – Jon (Mirror)

Jon decided to play this deck the night before after seeing it at league.  I gave the list and we played 59/60 same cards, as I changed one card after league.  He started first and Parallel City’ed me to three bench Pokemon.  I knew I was only going to have three all game since we both ran three and I was not able to change the stadium for the rest of the game.  He proceeded to play Professor Sycamore for his first 4 turns while I failed to play one supporter during that point.  I saw a lot of resources being discarded (Fairy Drops, Mega Turbos, VS Seekers, etc) so I thought if I could survive the onslaught I would be able to win the game by out-resourcing him.  The game ended up being a good game of cat and mouse and hitting and healing and retreating.  In the end, I missed too many energy.  Jon is a video game players so he gave me the game to my relief.

Win: 6 Points! (2-0-0)


Round 3 – Confesor (Giratina EX/Salamance EX/Magearna EX/Lugia EX/Hammers)

This game should have ended early as I went first and started a lone Trubbish and passed.  Confesor started Hoopa EX but was able to successfully attach an energy via Max Elixir and attach DDE to a Salamance EX.  All he needed was to retreat his active and donk me – he missed it.  The Hoopa stayed active for the next two more turns while I survived by a thread.  I eventually drew an Ultra Ball and was able to get going.  I KO’ed his Salamance EX with my M Altaria EX.  He KO’ed my M Altaria with his Magearna EX.  Then I continued to draw dead for a while again.  It came down to his Magearna EX having 60 HP left.  With a hand of two, he played Skyla to grab an Enhanced Hammer to knock off my DCE.  My deck consisted of three DCE and about four or five Fairy energy along with a couple of supporters in about 15 cards.  I miss it and then proceed to lose.

Loss: 6 Points! (2-1-0)


Round 4 – Cory (Darkrai EX/Celebi)

I went first and get set up by turn two, KO’ing his active Fright Night Yveltal.  He realized how bad the matchup is and has no energy on the board so he just scoops.  Why can’t all my games go like this?

Win: 9 Points! (3-1-0)


Round 5 – Chase (Volcanion)

We couldn’t ID since there were 5x 3-1 and 1x 4-0.  I am looking forward to top cut as the five other matchups are  three dark, one Volcanion and one EX heavy deck.  This round I drew the Volcanion matchup for my win and in the match.  Well, this day wouldn’t be complete if it doesn’t end the same way it’s been running all day…my first three turns consist of playing all three copies of N while playing no other cards.  I fall way too far behind and by the time I get set up, the prize count is 4-0 and I have a Shaymin EX on the bench and he has a loaded Volcanion EX on the bench ready to OHKO it.  I KO his active Volcanion EX while having a VS Seeker in my hand to N him to two the next turn.  He has his Lysandre and wins the game.  I am disappointed in my deck but not my deck choice.  By the end of the game, I did not play a single copy of VS Seeker or DCE while having them all in my deck still.

Loss: 9 Points! (3-2-0)


I ended the day at 3-2 (6th place), only losing to the eventual winner (Chase) and runner-up (Confesor).  I super happy with my deck choice since there was a lot of Yveltal in the field.  Again I made a great meta call but my deck had lots of fails (dead draw, whiffing energy) throughout the day.

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